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Edible Landscaping Plants For Your Yard, Garden & Farm

We're Leslie & Alan Moyer and we live in the community of Shady Grove in northeastern Oklahoma.  Over the last few years, we became personally interested in more "useful" plants in our home landscape.  Prior to that, we had a large ornamental garden that was beautiful, but took a lot of time, energy and money to maintain.  We began adding some food-producing plants and enjoyed the literal fruits of our efforts.  After a move, we decided that we wanted our gardening efforts at our new home to amount to something more....we wanted some kind of tangible payoff for all of the work.  At the same time, the economy was in the midst of its downward slide and we knew that planting an edible landscape with many perennial plants, trees, shrubs and vines would be a wise hedge against the rising cost of food in the future. 

However, most of the plants we wanted were difficult to find and, if we were able to find them at all, we had to have them shipped from great distances (at great expense).  Because our farm is more spacious than our previous suburban yard, we began searching out sources for larger quantities of plants.  One thing led to another and our business was born. 

Thanks for visiting our website.  We hope you'll take a few minutes to browse our Plant List, then take a peek at "Where to find us" to see where and when you'll be able to purchase our plants.  Mosey on over to our Bookstore for some education and inspiration and then check out the Links where you'll find enough information to keep you busy (and enthusiastic) for weeks. 

We think we've assembled an interesting and unique selection of edible plants and we have plans to add others.  (If you have suggestions for others, please let us know.)  We hope some of our plants can find a home with you soon! 

Double Spring Creek
The view off our deck here in Shady Grove, OK, one fine autumn day.